Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hooray for Baby A.J.!!

Yesterday, our good friends Andy and Brandi Wheat welcomed their little man in to the world! Anthony Edward Wheat, Jr. (A.J.) was 8 lb. 10 oz., 21.25 inches. We are so excited about A.J.'s arrival because we have been praying for him for a long time! Even though he's a "younger man," A.J. is already on the list of approved potential husbands for Parker. We hope to get to go see him this afternoon, and we will hopefully get some pictures of Parker and her new buddy together!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pictures and Party!!

As promised, here are some pictures of Parker!  The first two are of her first experience eating "beef."  As you can see, she was not too sure about that!

Here are a few of our girl on Valentine's Day.  Isn't she a sweetheart??

Yesterday was Parker's cousin Kallie's fourth birthday party!  Here's Parker in her party hat, not sure what was going on!
Here is Kallie opening presents!  She got lots of Hannah Montana stuff!
Kara (Kallie's younger sister) had to check everything out!
After the party was over, Kallie and Kara showed us what big girls they are by giving Parker all of their pacifiers!  We had to get pictures to capture the moment.  As you can tell, Parker was worn out by the time the party ended!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day and 7 Months Old!!

Parker made 7 months yesterday! She's getting big.... I know I say this every post, but I am reminded of it because she seems to get heavier every day.

She is still not sitting up on her own (pushing herself up), but we are working on her balance if you put her in the sitting position. She still doesn't last long, but even tonight her daddy said, "She's getting better at it!" She's also become much more active in terms of playing. She has an "activity center" at home and at Granny & Poppa's, and she is getting really good at using her feet to "walk" around and play with all of the toys. At home, her favorite toy on the activity center is a little "ferris wheel" with plastic beads that rattle when she spins it. At Granny's, she has a little piano that plays different little song riffs. It is fun to see her moving around more. She is also a big fan of yanking her pacifier out of her mouth and waving it around- especially the plastic ones with the "handles" that rattle when she waves them. Once this morning and once this evening, she actually managed to put her paci in her own mouth!!

We are moving up in the food world as well. Parker had her first experience with "beef" on Wednesday. Mommy thinks it smells awful, and Parker's first few bites were extremely uncertain, but eventually she ate it really well. She did great with it a second night last night as well. Today, we tried "banana mixed berry" which she seemed to LOVE.

Tomorrow, we are going to a birthday party for Parker's cousin Kallie. She's FOUR! I will post pictures after the party!

In other news, I (Janee) received news from my doctor, Dr. Folse, after several rounds of bloodwork, that I am mildly insulin resistant. I will soon begin taking Glucophage daily to help correct this. Please pray for me as I begin the medicine in the coming weeks, because it can have some un-fun side effects, and I really do not want to battle feeling sick and trying to teach!