Saturday, March 6, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Now that we're 3 months in to the New Year, maybe I'll catch up....

Here are a few pictures from the year so far....

Sparklers with "Mandy" (Mattie) New Year's Eve

Parker's new cousin- Carter Scott!

She was NOT interested in having her picture taken with Carter.

When the dog tries to take your waffles, it only makes sense to go eat in the bathtub....


Reading books at Borders

We recently went to visit with our friends the Reynersons in Houston. Parker and Mimi are BEST friends!
At Kemah
Riding the train
Riding the carousel
"Rockin' out!"
At the Children's Museum in Houston...

While we were at the Children's Museum, we got to see a baby chick hatch

Grocery shopping in Kidtropolis at the museum
At the Houston Zoo

We also went to MANY CHS basketball games!
Supporting one of our favorite CHS basketball players!
Poppa put this sticker on her nose- this picture just makes me laugh!