Monday, September 29, 2008


Slowly yet surely, Parker is trying to walk.  Thursday night of last week, she took about 10 steps unsupported/unassisted while we were sitting in the office working on stuff for work.  Her "record" is 17 steps (at church last night).  We're really proud and we know that soon, she will be walking everywhere.  When I can capture it on video, I will post here.

Here's a *brief* explanation of the post below.  This weekend was Homecoming at Central.  Carlee (Aunt CC) was on court.. AND WON QUEEN!  Parker dressed up in the Kittens' silvers (the dance team at Central) for the game, and was quite a hit!   

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Carlee and me at the Pep Rally

Carlee and B

Carlee and Trav (Her Homecoming date/ pep rally escort)

Parker in her Kitten silvers, ready for the game

Me and CC

CC and Parker (with her Kitten cape)

Parker and CC

Parker with the Kittens at the Homecoming game