Friday, January 8, 2010

A little overdue- Christmas!!

I had trouble with trying to load these pics on to Facebook, and got frustrated so I never posted them here either!! Here's a glimpse at our Christmas! (The third one with Parker!!)

Our Christmas tree

Our stockings
The Christmas tree art project Parker and I did
All of our Christmas cards!
The nativity I cut out with Mom's Cricut
We left Oreos and milk for Santa

Parker's stocking
All of the gifts to the side (in green) were from Santa!
Christmas morning-- "Santa drink it all!" Checking out the cookies and milk!
Oh boy!!
The first present!

Opening presents with Daddy
Opening presents with Poppa
Opening presents with Granny
New school bus!
Opening her stocking
Trying on her new Converse
Playing with her new food
Sitting in her Santa chair
On the way to Maw Maw and Paw Paw's with "Baby Jenna"
Trent and I

Opening gifts at Maw Maw & Paw Paw's

Family picture!
Playing with cousins at Maw Maw Jammas's house
Opening MORE presents!

The 6 grandkids...
Playing with Addie's new toy!
Exchanging gifts with Addie
3 of the 4 girls- Kallie HATES to have her picture taken! :)
Opening presents from Crunchy Paw Paw
Having a heart to heart with Hunter??
Macie got a practice beam for Christmas, so the four girls had to play on that!
It's REALLY hard to get a picture with all 6 kids looking... I can't imagine what'll happen once Jamie has Carter in a few months!