Friday, November 21, 2008

Just an Update

Stuff I know I need to post pics of:

  • CC's Senior Night volleyball game
  • Parker's Wildcat football shirts (from two different games)
  • Video of P and Jackson
  • Parker's first Crayola masterpieces
But in the mean time, here's an update of some of Parker's newest accomplishments/ experiences:
  • New words: Apple (Ah-pa), Baby (Bebe), Ball (says this one pretty clearly!), Bird (Buhd), Book (clear), Fish (pretty clear), Bottle (Bah-uhl), Milk (Mik), Up (Very clear), Sleepy (Peepy), No (No no no no no no no... you get the point), Poppa, Maw Maw (sounds a lot like Mama), Paw Paw (sounds a lot like Poppa)
  • New moves: Spinning around in circles (normally if you say "Round and around and around and around..."), walking backwards, "giving five," and a few new dance moves, including one that resembles "Gettin' Silly"
  • New adventures: climbing on to the couch (VERY new), climbing on to her "bouncy zebra" toy, climbing on (and walking on) the coffee table at Poppa and "Gaggee's" 
  • Other New Things: First ear infection (BOTH ears!), first round of antibiotics, first experience with cough medicine- which made her CRAZY!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

We Are Family! I've got all my cousins with me!

Trent's mom turned 60 this week!  As a birthday gift for Maw Maw Janice, we took the 6 grandkids to have pics made.  Here are a few of the best shots.

All 6 kids!!
Macie (10) and Hunter (12) (Trent's brother's kids)
Gerad (12), Kara (3 1/2), and Kallie (4 1/2) (Trent's sister's kids)
Parker Ann (16 mos.)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We went trick-or-treating with Parker's cousins, Kallie and Kara.

Sweet little butterfly
Kallie- kitty cat
Kara- Tinkerbell
Somebody was ready to go!!
First house
Getting her candy
All that trick-or-treating wore her out!
She did pretty well for a first-timer!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween pics are coming...

I promise...

So is an update.

I promise...