Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pictures by Amanda Causey

I could not resist posting these pictures... just a FEW taken by the amazing Mrs. Amanda Causey last weekend.  Check out her website here: www.amandacausey.com

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Babies, Bath, and Chuck E Cheese

One of Parker's favorite toys (this week) is her stroller.  She loves pushing all of her babies around the house... and chasing Jackson with it!

She LOVES bathtime.... the next few pictures are a mini-meltdown after she got out of the tub. She was so mad at me!  She kept saying "Bath! Bath!  MO-mmy!!! Bath!" (My Grandmother made her nightgown!!)

Last night, we went to Chuck E Cheese with the Reynersons.  It was Parker's first time to go!  Here she is riding some rides with Mimi!

This little girl kept trying to get on the ride with Parker and Mimi!
Time for a sucker!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pants, Balmart, Fries, and Ganny

Parker says something new pretty much every day, but here are a few of the funny things she has said lately.

Saturday afternoon, after her nap, I had her clothes laying on the changing table to get ready to go somewhere.  She saw them, and said "Change you!  Pants on! Socks, shoes!"  She was ready to go!  Once I had her dressed, I got a bow, and she ran out of the room saying "Hair!"  She knew that it was time to fix her hair... and she did NOT want that to happen!

Sunday morning, we went on our weekly Sunday trip to Walmart.  Later that day, we were driving to my parents' house, and as we were making our turn to go to Granny and Poppa's, she pointed straight (down Wax Rd., in the direction of Walmart, which was about a half mile away, so she couldn't see it) and said "BALMART, Mommy!  Balmart!"  Is it bad that my 19 month old knows how to get to Walmart??

Later that evening, we passed McDonalds, at which point I heard "Chicken! Fries! Chicken! Fries!"

And finally, Parker has had trouble from the very beginning at saying "Granny."  At first, mom was Gaggy.  Then it turned in to khaki.  This week, she has started saying "Ganny" or "Gannys." We're getting there... slowly, yet surely.

Pictures coming soon... promise!  The camera battery went dead, and I keep forgetting to charge it.  It is, however, charging right now, so new pictures will be coming ASAP!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Little Miss Chatterbox

Parker is doing great!  Chattering up a storm and playing hard all day every day!  She's learned a lot of the animal names since our zoo trip, and loves her animal finger puppets at Granny and Poppa's... I need to get pictures of them!  She loves the "Wion" (lion) and the "Bunkey" (Monkey).  Tonight, she was looking for her lion at home, and kept saying, "Where's the wion? Hmm??? Where's the wion?  Hmm???"  

Here are a few pictures... til I can get some more!

Playing in one of her plastic toy boxes! 
Riding on the toy
Playing with "Baby" AJ
Just chillin'
At church... one of her new favorite things to do is walk on the chairs!
Eating cheerios!
She was playing with Sydney through the glass door
Reading books!  She does this ALL the time
She was actually saying "Cheese!" in this pic. She does that a lot when she sees a camera!