Friday, October 2, 2009

Geaux Cats

I got this wild idea that I wanted Parker to have a CHS cheer uniform, so I made one for her myself. It's not the most spectacular thing ever sewn, but I was pretty proud. Tonight is the Central-Catholic game, and we went for a little while. The goal was to "Black Out Catholic"... so everyone wore black, including the team jerseys and varsity cheerleading uniforms. So, here is Parker in her Varsity Cheer Outfit!!!
Drinking sweet tea in her "Dowa" (Dora) cup
CC and P
"CC want shugs"
At the game, watching the "big girls" (Varsity Cheerleaders)

Not cooperating, as usual
Still watching the "big girls"
Parker with the Varsity Cheerleaders-- precious, precious girls
Varsity cheer huddle at the start of the game
Parker with her "shaker"
Watching the game

We love our Cats! Ready for the next home game (in 2 weeks) against Zachary... Parker will have her Ball- 88 t-shirt on for my former student Corey!