Monday, August 25, 2008

Cosmo Girl!

Parker found a Cosmo magazine on the floor and decided to read!

Aren't these pigtails sweet?
Very upset at mommy for taking the magazine away!

Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Been a While...

Sorry for the lengthy lapse between posts. We have been busy lately, as I started my new job (Go Wildcats!) last week.

Parker has been doing great with therapy. She is crawling EVERYWHERE, getting in to too much. She actually crawled on to the open door of the dishwasher while I was loading dishes the other day, but of course, my camera was out of reach! She is also starting to let go once she pulls up on stuff and stand independently! The longest I have seen her stand was today- well over a minute! She still can't stand from sitting without pulling up on something, but we think she's doing GREAT! Our PT fitted her for some splints a few weeks ago... they will come up to just above her ankles. These will help with ankle support, and also keep Parker from "digging in" with her toes as much. We should get these in the next few weeks.

In the BIGGEST news, Parker has started feeding herself! She finally picks up food and puts it in her own mouth! We are very proud of this latest accomplishment. She has also started eating more "real" foods like mac and cheese, green beans, carrots, ravioli, etc.

Her favorite "game" continues to be pulling all of our DVDs out of the entertainment center. I have tried uploading a video, but of course, it isn't working, so I'll try again later!

Parker's vocabulary is expanding- it seems like she learns a new word daily. She says (clearly) da da, bye bye, okay, uh oh, and oh boy. She also says "gog" (dog), "ga gee" (granny), "cack" (snack), "es" (yes) and "kee kee" (stinky).

All in all, she's doing great! It was hard going back to work and leaving her, but she is having a great time with Granny!

Here are a few pics!
Playing with her dog from Mr. Bob & Mrs. Judy!

Every time I'd say "Be sweet," she'd lay her head on the puppy!

In the laundry basket with Jackson!