Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parker:: Friday, May 29

P's cute dress
Playing at Mimi's... getting ready to go swim in the BIG pool!
Heading to go swim...

No pics of the actual swimming, since I was in the pool too!  But, here's the wet hair post-swim!
Playing in Mimi's "house"

Bath time!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Parker:: Thursday, May 28

Warning: There is almost too much cuteness for one post packed below!

We visited with Ms. Becca (Bacca) and Jacob (Jeco) today....

Playing Paw Paw and Gia's piano
Wagon Ride

Becca being the best aunt ever... playing ball with Jacob
Riding in the Hummer
Playing... with Becca's help
Swing Swing!
Making faces at me.
Swinging with Mommy
More riding!
"Driving" like a big girl
Then, after nap time, Mimi came over to swim.....

Waiting at the door
Don't you love the flops?
She was looking out the window.. This was when she asked me "Where is her?"
Fun with Mimi!!
Mimi drinking from the sprinkler
Cute girls
She stopped for a snack!
So fun!
"I sit and watch Parker"
...and she did!
More splashing!
Snack time after all that fun in the pool!
With Daddy before bed time
Watching Daddy practice!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Random Videos

Slip N Slide Fun 

Swimming with Addie G

Car Ride

Parker:: Wednesday, May 27

Waiting outside for Nannee and Mimi... with her phone, ball, and "Kitty" (her bear)
Trampoline fun with Aryee

Ms. Megan, Aryee, P, and Reace
In Jack's car
Mimi, Reace, Trace
Fearless-  climbing up to slide
Big girl!

See saw
Getting the slip-n-slide set up
Addy and P

Mimi, Nannee, and Baby Joe
Fun with the water

On the way home!

Feeding Jackson