Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas BLESSING!!


At Parker's last neurologist appointment (back in June), the doctor told us not to be surprised if Parker was still not walking by Christmas, or even by the time she was two, really. Of course, for those of you who have been reading the blog, you know that she was walking at 14 months.

Today was our check-up appointment.  Parker walked into the office, played in the waiting room, and sat and colored while waiting to see the doctor.

Basically, the doctor does not know what was ever wrong with Parker.  She does not know what caused the weakness on her right side.  She told us that she doesn't need to see Parker anymore (unless we have other concerns later on), that she doesn't think we need to continue with physical therapy, and that she thinks we can go to occupational therapy just twice a month and discontinue that after a few more months as well.

WHAT GREAT NEWS!  The doctor who once diagnosed Parker with cerebral palsy DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO EXPLAIN IT!!  Of course, we do.  All glory to God for what He's done in Parker's life.  What an amazing testimony of His power and grace!

Now, a few new pictures.

We went back to the Messengers with some friends.

Trent, Parker, Miriam (Mimi) and Nathan

Looking at the lights

Family picture!

Parker and Mimi with Jase and Gage

Parker REALLY wanted to play with this "puppy" (yes, it is a cat)

Looking at Santa (Caw Cause)

Parker and Mimi exchanged gifts! Aren't they adorable?